the Drawing Room Chair featuring Åsa Ekström

Åsa Ekström works as a cartoonist and an illustrator focused on Swedish manga. She has trained in a manga studio in Japan and has worked all over the world. Her scope of work includes illustrations for children’s and teenagers’ books, a stamp for the Swedish Postal Services, a textile collection for IKEA, illustrations for the permanent collections of the Museum of Natural History in Stockholm and she has her own manga strip, Sayonara September.


”The illustrations are characters with animals and attributes of these. Slightly airy, slightly scary and a theme that I could continue working on forever and ever. When I have the opportunity to work freely I tend to do manga-inspired surrealism. I also chose a theme that I felt would suit other furniture, modern or old. There is a clear connection to nature, as so often in Scandinavian design, which together with the colour scheme makes it almost classically romantic. At the same time manga, with its pop-cultural aesthetics, creates an interesting contrast. But most of all I just really wanted to draw a jelly-fish…”

Ekström 1/10

Ekström 2/10