the Drawing Room Chair featuring Tomas Lacke

Tomas Lacke works in most artistic media, such as oil, spray and charcoal, and his images range from religious themes to more ”dark edge” ones or pictures inspired by comic books. Significant for Lacke’s style is his mix of materials like aluminium, acrylic and canvas. He does a lot of work in interiors and in the design field such as murals, luminaires and stylishly lit triptychs made of glass and aluminium and he also takes on customer projects.
Tomas Lacke

”CLUB 27 consists of the greatest rock legends of the 60’s and 70’s, who all died at the age of 27. When I created CLUB 27 the idea was to make a group of furniture with strong images that both symbolize the greatest music icons of those decades and are like sisters and brothers, all belonging to the notorious death club of 27. The classic number ”4” makes a perfect group of chairs, giving the project a ”group sense”, which also reflects the world of music in all its different genres. Club 27 feels like a theme rich in character, emotions and attitude…”

Lacke 1/10

Lacke 2/10